Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Royal Challenge: How Will It Work?

  How will this work?

  I am combining two challenges, The Random Legacy Challenge with The Royal Kingdom Challenge.  In some cases, they conflict, in areas of conflict, I am going with the Random Legacy Rules over the Royal Kingdom Challenge Rules, with a little bit of tweaking.

  For instance, in the Royal Kingdom Challenge, the King starts off with his Castle and 50 grand.  In the Random Legacy Challenge, you start with pretty much nothing.  For my story purposes, the King has to have a Castle, but to follow the Random rules a little more closely, he is a pauper King.  Poor guy, he's going to have a zero dollar bank account balance and a huge Castle to upkeep, but that will be part of the challenge!

  In most cases, I will probably keep the rolls under wrap.  But as far as the Heir goes, I will be following the Royal Kingdom Challenge Rules there, so you will always know who the Heir will be.  The first born son.  The Random Legacy Rules will limit me on how many children the Heir has, so if he reaches his alloted amount without a male heir, then the succession falls to the oldest female heir.  Watermelons will be banned from the Kingdom!!!


  The world I am using is called Dracul Isle by Judy Sims
 I am also using some of the lots that came with Castle Keep by auntielynds.  Not all of the lots were made by her, though.
 Most of the clothes I am using are Sims3 Medieval conversions by cocomamas
 Other clothes credits:  EA Store

  I also want to give an extra thank you to Cloudwalker, for some poses and objects that she made for me.  It is much appreciated!

  This is my take on the Random Royal Challenge---I hope you enjoy reading it!

  My founder: King Morgan Stone



  King Morgan (my sim)
  Throne (CloudwalkerSims)
  I also liked her idea on having drapes behind the throne, so I *borrowed* it, lol  (Thanks CW!)  The drapes can be found here: Luna Sims


  1. King Morgan is based on one of my original BIG sims, he was the grandson of Mortimer Goth from Sunset Valley, so if he looks like he has Goth genetics, it is because he does, lol. :D