A list of who is who in the story.

  King Morgan Stone:

  He inherited an impoverished Kingdom.  He does not have the luxury of marrying for love, as he must marry an heiress of great wealth in order to feed his People, or they will all perish by Winter's first frost.

  Queen Avalon (Du Bois) Stone:

  Queen Ava was born to great wealth, the only child of Duke Du Bois.  The Duke sought after a Title for her for a husband, and so she found herself wedded to King Morgan.

  Lady Jezebelle (Ember) Winter:


  She loved King Morgan, and he loved her, and they were to be married.  He broke their secret engagement off to marry his heiress, and broke Belle's heart.  She in turn has married his best friend, Lord Argus Winter, and turned him against the King with her lies.

  Lord Argus Winter:

  (insert pic)

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