Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How it all began...

  In the days of Old, the Land was ruled by One, the Ever Living One, the King of the Fae.  He taught the people the Old Ways, of Chivalry, Bravery, Self-Sacrifice, and Love.  The Land blossomed with Life, it was a Land of plenty, where the Milk and Honey flowed, and all was in Harmony.

  But then the people grew complacent, forgetful, stubborn.  They began to ignore their King, and all the Old Ways; They let wickedness take root in their hearts.  Greed, Spite, Selfishness, and Hatred broke out across the Land, and all was in Dischord.

  From this Dischord, came the Great Scorching.  Fire fell from the skies and burned all that it touched, killing every living thing in its destructive path.  Great quakes shook the foundations of the Land, causing it to splinter, until nothing was left but a small remnant of people left to wander the smoldering ruins.  And a great Darkness fell, and blocked the Sun, the Land grew Cold and Barren.

  Into this Darkness, Eoferwic, the Shining One, stepped.  He bravely sought the Ever Living One's Mercy.  He pleaded on behalf of his people, and himself, and cried out in a loud voice, with bowed head, and bended knee.

  The Ever Living One was moved to Compassion for the Remnant by Eoferwic's plea.  He sent the Healing Rains, that cleansed the Lands, and blessed the ground.  The Remnant prospered, and grew great in numbers, yet they were still greatly afeared of the Ever Living One, and trembled in His mighty presence.  In their terror they cried out for a King like them, one who lived among the rocks and stones, and not in the tall leafy trees that kissed the sky.

  The Ever Living One called forth Eoferwic, and tasked him with the trouble of leading a foolish and rebellious people.  With the Wise One, Caranordir, by his side, Eoferwic accepted the burden of leading the People in the Old Ways.  And thus was born the first Stone King.


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  1. Wow, you write so eloquently and intriguing, I'm hooked :D